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Mindful Allure makes shopping more convenient with

personalized recommendations that complement your

lifestyle.  Your Personal Shopper will consult with you

and put together the most flattering options for

a special occasion or a new outlook.

We value friendly, engaging service so that means 

no subscriptions and no pressure.​

When doubt is removed from your shopping experience,

everything in your closet feels right and mornings flow

more smoothly, the workday feels more inspired, and 

you learn to trust your intuitive style.

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Mindful Allure is intuitive style.  It's a creative expression inspired by nature's beauty

and yoga's power to transform your outlook.  Mindful Allure is apparent in the way

a woman layers textures and colors with flair, and combines casual basics and

polished separates with ease.  She is self-assured and knows how to 

convey her originality ​​with meaningful accessories.

Mindful Allure takes great care in selecting beautiful items that are designed

to enhance your day with thoughtful details and exceptional materials.  

​We feature brands that embrace sophisticated comfort like Rag & Bone,

Veronica Beard, and Vince.  Mindful Allure also offers a personal

shopping service to help you compose your signature look.  

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